API Usage Guidelines

At MainBrainer, we keep a close watch on our public APIs usage to ensure a quality experience for all our users. All our public endpoints run on the same underlying technology as our core application.

Every individual integration (as identified by an access token) is subject to the following limits when consuming the MainBrainer public APIs:


MainBrainer has the following limits in place for API requests:

Plan Plan Limits
Freemium Burst: 100/10 seconds , Daily: 250,000
Starter Burst: 150/10 seconds , Daily: 500,000
Pro Burst: 200/10 seconds , Daily: 1,000,000

Note: We reset the daily limits at midnight based on the MainBrainer account's time zone setting.


Note: Integrations that exceed the above-stated limits will receive error responses with a 429 response code.


Note: We reserve the right to change or deprecate the APIs over time. In such cases, we will provide advance notifications to the developers.

Limits on batch insert/update of contacts

When updating/inserting contacts by batches, the batch size should not exceed 1000 contacts per request. To maximize performance, we recommend that you limit the batch size to 100 contacts or fewer.

We love hearing from you! Getting your integrations up and running smoothly is our priority. In case you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to write to us at support@mainbrainer.com.